Downderry and Seaton Ocean Day 2015

Downderry and Seaton Ocean Day Poster 2015


Exhibitors and activities in 2015 included:

  • National Marine Aquarium
  • RNLI – (including Rip Current Recognition)
  • RNLI – Life jacket checks
  • Ocean Elements Animation Workshop
  • Experiments Table
  • Local Fish / Rockpools
  • Looe Marine Conservation Group
  • LMCG Rockpool Ramble 10am – 11am
  • Rame Peninsula Beach Care Group (bottle top chain)
  • Looe Bathing Waters Project - Cornwall Wildlife Trust
  • Photography and Art Exhibition
  • Underwater Entrance
  • Mazed Tales
  • St Nicolas School Competition
  • Reading – I Have A Rock
  • Ocean Treasure Hunt
  • Kids Pirate Craft (by local toddler group Bread and Babes)
  • Video Tent / Screen
  • Paella
  • Tea, Coffee and Cakes
  • and more...


The 2015 Downderry and Seaton Ocean Day saw a step up in ambition, attendance, and participation from what was already a buzzing event the previous two years. As is becoming a reoccurring theme, people stayed at the event for hours, some the entire day, as there is so much to see, do, and interact with.

With even more focus on interaction, education and engagement, we were able to deliver an event with a lasting effect on everyone who attended. Be it ocean safety, scientific / environmental / nature knowledge, stories, or visual - everyone took something positive away from the event, most people a lot.


Animation Workshop Biddy Lloyd's Paintings Bronnen Parry Bronnen Parry Bronnen Parry Pirate Craft Pirate Craft Ocean Layering Experiment Mazed Tales App The RNLI Anthony, Simon and Rhona Mazed Tales Storytelling Mazed Tales Storytelling The National Marine Aquarium Paella Preparation Paella Paella The RNLI Rip Current Safety Talk The RNLI Rip Current Safety Talk CO2 Experiment

Thanks to Deviock Parish Council for their continued support of the event!