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Unfortunately we can't allow dogs into the hall this year as there will be food served and as always we are always busy and tight for space. Many thanks.

RNLI Life Jacket Checks

Free life jacket checks by the RNLI.

Last year the RNLI introduced this service to the Ocean Day, checking anyone's life jackets to make sure they are working properly. Luckily they did as two life jackets were found to be faulty, which could have been fatal had the user been in a life threatening situation. Volunteers will also be on hand to check the condition of any buoyancy aids you may have and offer expert maritime safety advice on any other questions you may have.

RNLI Lifejacket Checks

The National Marine Aquarium

For the third year we have the National Marine Aquarium at the event. Always fun, educational and hands on the NMA have been a hit at both events, with things to see, do and make - and experienced, friendly, knowledgable staff.

This year we're looking forward to experiencing their slime experiments, and learning more about the ocean and it's creatures.

Thanks again for their continued support.

The National Marine Aquarium website

The National Marine Aquarium

Underwater Experience / Entrance

Last year we created an underwater experience tent / marquee, with underwater images, projection and audio. This year we're taking this a bit further, but you'll have to come to the event to find out more...

Underwater Experience

Beach Elements Animation Workshop

Last year Biddy Lloyd held a community animation workshop where everyone who participated contributed to one long ocean animation. The animation was then included in the Ocean Day video online (see the 2014 video on the home page or here).

This year Biddy will be holding an Beach Elements animation. The scale of this will be weather dependant. If the weather is dry, Biddy is hoping to hold a large scale outdoor, beach animation workshop, if not the workshop will be reduced in scale and brought indoors.

Get involved again this year and be part of 2015's fantastic animation which will be on the Ocean Day video.

Animation Workshop

RNLI / Plymouth University – Rip Current Recognition

Anthony Thorpe Lifeguard Supervisor @ Whitsand Bay and PHD student at Plymouth University on rip currents and James Millidge RNLI Community Incident Reduction Manager will be giving a talk on Rip Currents. Between them they have over 22 years of Lifeguard experience in this county and overseas. Using data from Dr Ellie Woodward's PHD (Plymouth University) they will be giving an engaging presentation on Rip Currents which will include vital safety advice. This brand new fascinating and engaging session will help you understand the ocean much better as well as enabling you to enjoy it safety. Rip currents account for 67% of all people rescued by RNLI Lifeguards nationwide and the SW has the highest concentration of these incidents.

As well as this, there will be a special interactive program to engage with to test your knowledge of rip currents and see if you can spot one!


Experiments Table

With the focus on interaction and experiments this year, we're setting up a minimum of 4 experiments to engage and demonstrate both environmental issues, and water science.

So come down, look out for the lab coats and protective glasses, and get involved.

There will also be a 'build a boat' competition. Time to be announced!

Experiments Image by www.freepic.com

Local Fish

For the last two years local fisherman Rob Hocking and family have brought a display of all local fish that can be found off our shores.

This year Rob, Claudia and family are doing something a bit different. Bringing the local rockpools to the Ocean Day. See the creatures living right on our doorstep and learn about each of them.

For an example of what can be found in our rockpools, see the local Marine Group video:


Local Fish

Looe Marine Conservation Group

The Looe Marine Conservation Group are a very active local conservation group who run several events and activities throughout the year and we're very happy to have them onboard for this years Ocean Day.

Sue Pybus will be running a rockpool ramble from 10am - 11am (see details below).

Seth Doyle will be there to discuss the 'Marine Group' from the local school in Downderry (St Nicolas). Sue Pybus and Matt Nott of the LMCG run the 'Marine Group' and we'll have videos of last years and this years group. Have a look at last years video here.

Take a look at their website.

Looe Marine Conservation Group Logo

Looe Marine Conservation Group – Rockpool Ramble

Sue Pybus of Looe Marine Conservation Group, who also co-runs 'Marine Group' at St Nicolas School, will be running a rockpool ramble from 10am - 11am.

Please meet at the village hall at 9.50am, everyone will then go down to the rockpools at Downderry and learn to discover creatures on our rocky shores.

Click here to see an example of a rockpool ramble with Marine Group.

LMCG Rockpool Ramble

Rame Peninsula Beach Care Group

Rame Peninsula Beach Care have been an extremely active group recently, not only with regular beach cleans along Whitsand Bay, but highlighting the huge problem of plastics in the ocean with the Great Cornish Bottle Top Chain campaign.

Come and see what this local group have been up to, watch the videos, and learn how you can get involved and help.

More information about the group can be found on their website:


Rame Peninsula Beach Care Group

Looe Bathing Waters Project – Cornwall Wildlife Trust

The Looe Bathing Waters Project is an exciting new development set up by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust to help protect the bathing waters of Looe and Seaton. The project ties in with the East Looe Catchment Project that has been working with farmers over the last 2 years to reduce agricultural runoff into the Looe river. The project aims to work with businesses & local residents in the Looe & Seaton areas to raise awareness of how people can protect the bathing waters & beaches by making small changes to everyday life. If you would like to know more about the project or have any questions then please contact Amelia Bridges, the Community Engagement Officer, at amelia.bridges@cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk or on 07442 539339.

Looe Bathing Water Project

Mazed Tales

This year we're lucky to have Sue Field - project leader of Mazed Tales - coming to demonstrate the Mazed app, show the animations, and give storytelling at various times through the day. Come and find out more about all the tales from South East Cornwall including the Seaton Mermaid.

Stories told about places all over Cornwall were gathered and written down by Victorian collectors over 150 years ago. They were first published in newspapers, then in books. Mazed has sifted tales from Sout East Cornwall from these old collections. The stories have been retold for the Mazed collection by local writers and storytellers.

Collections of stories have been made from 12 locations in the Caradon area. Schoolchildren from these places heard their local tales, then retold them to their friends and families at droll tea parties.  There was a public vote for each community's favourite story.The children then took part in a visual storytelling workshop to bring their story to life - in different ways eg puppets, sculpture, textiles. A moodboard was made to record the results of these workshops. The workshops took place between September 2013 and Febuary 2014.


Rame Peninsula Beach Care Group

St Nicolas School Competition

Last years competition was a 'Sea Creature Challenge' and had great prizes contributed from local businesses and charities. (see video)

This years competition is themed 'Ocean Challenge Environmental Awareness Now' - OCEAN for those of you who haven't worked it out!!!

Students will be asked to create an ocean scene that conveys two contrasting ocean worlds - the perfect environment, and the worst case scenario.

Judging and prize giving will take place on the day.

St Nicolas Competition

‘I Have A Rock’ Reading

Biddy Lloyd will be giving a reading of her new book 'I Have A Rock' - times TBC.

‘I Have A Rock’ is a new poetic picture book that tells the story of a dog who sits and watches the seasons change as he learns to share his favourite place. The book is the first by Cornish author and illustrator Biddy Lloyd, who has taken inspiration for the book from the south east Cornish village in which she grew up and still lives today.

Inspired by the light and scenery of Downderry and the surrounding south east Cornish coastline, ‘I Have A Rock’ is aimed at a young audience but is designed to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Poetic text, with full colour watercolour illustrations, depicts familiar local scenery on every page. Website

I Have A Rock Book Cover

Ocean Treasure Hunt

After last years successful treasure hunt we'll be bringing it back again this year.

This years treasure hunt will be a bit more of a challenge, and will take you around the village picking up clues to win a prize.

Treasure Hunt

Kids Pirate Craft

Both years we've had ocean themed craft activities for kids, and this year will be Pirate craft.

Local toddler group Bread and Babes will be putting on the craft activity and will involve everyone contributing to a large Pirate picture and will be open to all ages.

Kids Craft from 2013 Ocean Day

Photography and Art Exhibition

Once again we'll be displaying photography and artwork from local creative types, all based around the sea!

This years artists will include:

Art and Photo Exhibition


Last year local fisherman Rob Hocking made a fantastic local seafood Paella which sold out fast. Once again there will be Paella available to buy at lunch time at this years Ocean Day.

Ocean Day Paella

Ocean Day Timetable

  • 10am - 11am - Rockpool Ramble
  • 11.15am - Rip Current Recognition Talk by RNLI
  • 11.45am - Mazed Tales Reading
  • 12.15pm - St Nicolas School Comptetition prize giving
  • 12.45pm - Paella
  • 1.30pm - Reading of ‘I Am A Rock’
  • 2.00pm - Rip Current Talk
  • 2.30pm - Build A Boat Competition
  • 2.50pm - Returning Rockpool Creatures
  • 9.45am - Double Ocean Layering Experiment
  • 11am, 12pm & 2pm - Single Ocean Layering Experiment

Whilst we will do everything we can to stick to these times, there may be some variation in times.

Downderry Ocean Day 2015 Timetable

We are confirming more and more activities and groups all the time so watch this space for more information...